LDPath offers a range of service including Private Practices, NHS and Artificial Intelligence.
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LDPath offers a unique pathology reporting service utilising state of the art histology digital imaging capabilities integrated with a pathologist designed reporting solution. Our team of substantive NHS consultants report across every subspecialty of histopathology wherever there is requirement.

From express dedicated medical courier collection through to secure report access, LDPath deliver ISO9001 certified, ISO15189 accredited histopathology expertise with unrivalled turnaround times and exemplary client support.

Over 250 hospitals now benefit from LDPath’s unrivalled turnaround times with 94% cases reported within 72hrs.

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LDPath has been providing a surgical pathology service to the NHS since 2013, and is the only registered histopathology provider in the National NHS Procurement Directory. We are currently providing a histopathology service for 24 NHS Trusts in the UK.

We are the only private pathology service that can support IT connectivity and integration with the NHS LIMS via the Health and Social Care Network enabling the reliable and efficient exchange of electronic information between your hospital and LDPath.

Whether you are in need of temporary support or require a long-term solution, LDPath can tailor the service to your needs. With our considerable experience in the digital reporting platform LDPath now manages a Virtual Department across UK and can readily match supply with demand.

LDPath have demonstrated consistently excellent turnaround times, with 94% cases reported within 72 hours every year since 2014.

LDPath complies with all relevant legislation, industry standards, standards of safety and best practice guidelines including but not limited to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Health and Social Care Act 2012, ISO9001, ISO15189, Royal College of Pathologists Guidelines (including Cellular Pathologists Working from Home 2014, Royal College of Pathologists Best Practice Recommendation for Implementing Digital Pathology 2018), NHS Digital DSP Toolkit Standards Met, and CQC Essential Standards.


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LDPath is combining digital reporting with innovative AI technology to enhance the diagnostic service, by: 

• Improving diagnostic accuracy
• Easing pathologist workload
• Accelerating pathology reporting TAT
• Reducing patient waiting times

Artificial intelligence (AI) applies deep machine learning technology to generate powerful computer algorithms that assist pathologists in making diagnoses. These algorithms can find application in a wide range of diagnostic challenges, but cancer detection is the most common of these.

LDPath has partnered with Ibex Medical Analytics to introduce AI algorithms into our workflow, providing enhanced quality assurance benefits to our clients. The CE-Marked Galen Prostate solution is the first to be integrated into our diagnostic pathway; the following services are now available to clients upon request:

  1. Primary Reporting of Prostate Biopsies. All prostate cancer screening biopsies will be reviewed simultaneously by the AI and the LDPath specialist uropathologist. Upon authorizing the pathology report, the uropathologist will be greeted with a prompt notifying whether the algorithm agrees or disagrees with the proposed diagnosis. In the event of disagreement, the pathologist will be presented with an illustrative heatmap of the biopsy highlighting the area of disagreement, enabling the pathologist to amend the diagnosis or override the algorithm.
  2. UKAS Annual Audits. Laboratories in the UK are mandated to perform independent audits of reported cases each calendar year. 
  3. Prostate Biopsy Screening. LDPath can perform a 24-hour screening service on glass or digital slides. The subsequent results enable the referring hospital to prioritise pathologist review of the relevant cases.


LDPath is committed to developing and integrating algorithms into our workflow for all disciplines of histopathology, thereby ensuring that clients and patients benefit from improved prognostic accuracy and quicker turnaround time.

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LDPath have participated in a number of independent Investigative Audits and Duty of Care Reviews.

We follow the process highlighted by The Royal College of Pathologists and categorise discrepancies into the recommended grading system.

Cases are reported blindly by our specialist pathologists and through Whole Slide Imaging we are able to accumulate many independent reports in cases where discrepancies have been highlighted.

A qualitative and quantitative summary document is produced and returned back to the referring NHS trust along with any material received.


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LDPath were the first pathology provider in the UK to intergrate whole slide imaging into primary reporting back in 2014.

Since then, we have amassed over 100tb of digital slides and have over 100 of our pathologists validated on Whole Slide Imaging for primary diagnosis.

The integration has allowed our annual volumes of work to grow substantially year on year without any change in turnaround time.

Second opinions and MDTs can be arranged at the click of a button with the digital images being sent to the relevant parties and responses on same day.

As well as providing whole slide imaging as part of our private and NHS services, we can also offer a scanning only service where your slides are digitised onto a removable storage device or even hosted in our secure image cloud.