The LDPath Bursary is a collection of funds reserved to support pathologists, trainees and consultants, who wish to gain further specialist experience in a particular field. Dermatologists who practice dermatopathology are also eligible. Applicants are invited from doctors who have arranged, or are in the process of arranging, a sabbatical at a distinguished institution for a period of learning involving signing out surgical pathology cases, and participation in the institutions’ routine academic activities. It is anticipated that the funds will assist in living expenses, travel arrangements and, in relevant cases, institutional fees. An acceptable alternative use for the bursary is to attend a specialist international conference, in which the funds can cover flights, accommodation and registration expenses.

The funds are capped and will be shared between up to a maximum of 2 successful applicants. The bursary is awarded competitively according to the academic strength of the candidate and the likely benefit that the proposed institution will afford. LDPath reserves the right to not award any funds in the event of applicants not meeting the required standard.

Following the applicants visit to the host institution a letter of confirmation is required from the Head of Department, and a short summary from the applicant of the benefit he/she gained from the visit to the department or Conference.


  • Read carefully before completing, signing or submitting this form.
  • Ensure that this form is completed in full.
  • Note that this bursary cannot be used to pay for purposes other than those stipulated.
  • Application forms with incomplete information will not be considered.
  • Application forms with incorrect information will lead to your application being disqualified.
  • No faxed application forms will be accepted.