LD Path Group aims to provide an excellent to it public (NHS) and private clients.

Our Team

All of our histopathologists hold consultant positions in leading NHS hospitals and are specialised in their respective fields.

Our Services

· Reports are issued within 24-48 hours from specimen reception (save for additional laboratory work)
by our team of specialist histopathologists.

· Reports are immediately available online (on our SSL encrypted platform), by email, fax and on Apple© iPhone and iPad.

· We support frozen sections.

· We provide support for MDM: reports are automatically sent to the MDM coordinator. Pathologists attend MDM meetings in person or via web link.

· All reports are Snomed coded.

· Unique Second Opinion feature, enabling pathologists to efficiently and securely gather opinions from experts in the UK or abroad, via our system and the extensive use of virtual slides.

· We provide our services to over 300 clinicians, covering a number of subspecialties in histopathology.

· At the clinician’s request, additional specialist pathologists can be added
to our platform in less than 24h and start reporting immediately.

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